A Year After Obama Declared An Emergency In Flint, Crisis Persists

Key Points: water, lead, Obama Declared An Emergency In Flint One Year Ago, residents, and city

On Wednesday, researchers and public officials hosted a town hall meeting in Flint  to share the latest water quality data, following a private U.S. Environmental Protection Agency summit in Chicago the previous day.

An ambitious project to replace lead service lines is underway, but only a small percentage has been completed ― since March, officials have replaced the lines at 780 homes, of an estimated 20,000, said retired National Guard Brigadier General Michael McDaniel, who heads Flint’s Fast Action and Sustainability Team.

One year after President Barack Obama  declared a federal emergency in Flint , Michigan, over the lead poisoning crisis, experts say the city’s water system has significantly improved ― but residents still can’t drink the water from their taps, and there’s no clear end in sight.