Trump: Brexit ‘Is Going To End Up Being A Great Thing’

Key Points: President-elect Donald Trump, UK Independence Party, referendum, politicians, and EU Anthony Gardner

Nick Robins-Early World News Reporter, The Huffington Post In a wide-ranging interview with the Times of London on Sunday, President-elect Donald Trump said he believes the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union “is going to end up being a great thing” and argued that threats to British identity were a main reason the UK voted to leave the union.

In other parts of the interview, Trump criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s asylum policy, claimed he was open to negotiating with Russian President Vladimir Putin to reduce nuclear arms and described Russia’s intervention into Syria as “a very bad thing.”

Some pro-Brexit politicians, such as Trump ally and former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, played to nationalist sentiment and fears over the refugee crisis in their campaign to leave the EU.