Secrets Amazon Doesn’t Want You to Know

The Amazon has helped us acquire almost all stuff and materials we need. The efficient and convenient shopping through Amazon did not only attract many consumers but also many sellers. But there are some secrets that Amazon does not want you to know. This list will reveal them now:

Tax issues

Amazon has tax issues in the UK and it is something that Amazon does not want its consumers to know. To keep the matter silent, Amazon European offices silently pay taxes to the European Union.

Court issues

Amazon was sued by a private citizen for using cookies that collect private and important data. With this cookie, Amazon was able to collect a lot of data from different private citizens.

Paralyzing dissenters issue

Amazon was allegedly accused of paralyzing dissenters. Amazon denied such allegations saying that their employees were not obsess over customers.

LGBT issues

Amazon was accused of barring the LGBT authors from being on the Amazon Bestseller list. Amazon, after the trending Twitter hastag #AmazonFail, corrected the codes relevant to the books with said contents.

Employee issues

Amazon is said to be using the Gazelle Program wherein employees have to work the way Amazon wants them to. This was why it was accused of having no balance when it comes to work, pushing employees to go overtime even on holidays, just to resolve some issues and to satisfy investors.

Holocaust denial propaganda issues

Amazon was accused of profiting from selling holocaust denial propaganda, which is a criminal act. Although there is no issue such as this in America, but in Germany, it was a crime and punishable by a sentence of five years imprisonment. Amazon was not sentenced, however, and any of these propaganda can be easily accessible through Amazon.