This Local News Segment Shows The Obamacare Danger Ahead For Republicans

Key Points: House Republicans, Constituents, Congressman Mike Coffman, insurance, and protections

Only 4 citizens allowed at a time. #cd6resist Steve Krizman (@SteveKrizman) January 14, 2017 The local NBC 9 News report on the event was brutal for Coffman from start to finish, highlighting Berthie Ruoff, a breast cancer survivor who is worried she will be unable to buy insurance without the law’s protections.

Popular resistance to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act has begun, with the first signal that Republicans could face major political repercussions coming from the large Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado.

Coffman decided to let only four people into the room at a time, yielding images on social media that looked like this: 100 wait get into @RepMikeCoffman “town hall.