John Lewis’ Diverse District Bashes Trump For ‘Crime Infested’ Slam

Key Points: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, district, falling, Donald Trump, and congressman

Donald Trump not only  slammed Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis after the black congressman challenged the legitimacy of Trump’s coming presidency, but he also ripped Lewis’ Atlanta district as “crime infested” and in “horrible shape and falling apart.”

#AtlantaOnTheRise #FILA Collin McHugh (@Collin_McHugh) January 14, 2017 …and then doubling down by insulting the civil rights hero on #MLK wknd…wow. #classy Collin McHugh (@Collin_McHugh) January 14, 2017 Some people posted photos of high-rises, beautiful homes and children playing in a park.

Trump appears to be less  concerned about accuracy in his portrayal of the 5th District and more focused on devaluing a critic’s assessment of him by evoking a negative image of a blighted black community failed by its leadership.