Emma Watson Says No to Selfies — Find out Why

Ever since Emma Watson became a household name through Harry Potter, she has had to discover to navigate interacting with fans. If you come across her on the street, however, her one rule is — “No Selfies”. 

Watson explained this rule in the cover story of Vanity Fair’s latest issue, and it is a sensible rule on her part. She may have the patience to listen to your fandom questions on Harry Potter, chit- chat with you, or sign an autograph; however, for being included in a fandom which has turned into a phenomenon — and remained as such years after — it is another story. She has encountered fans who have depended on the Potter books to help them survive cancer as well as those that have tattoos of her face.     

For her, it is the distinction between being able to live her own life and not.  Watson said, “If somebody takes my photograph and posts it within a couple of seconds, they have provided a marker of my exact location within a 10-meter distance. They can identify what I am wearing and who I am with. I simply cannot provide that tracking information. “   

The actress said that she tries to keep her private life away from her profession, but she is inclined to observe a single exception because she knows how people can be affected by such an encounter. Accordingly, she has to carefully pick as well choose when to interact. “For example, children I don’t say no to,” she added.

Premieres, on the other hand, are perhaps another story. Watson attends those as a public entity, particularly the ones for films she features in such as Beauty and the Beast — in which case, fans know by now that she is at a certain place for the premiere in a specially selected outfit. She also has a new Instagram account where she highlights her outfits on her worldwide — and very public — press tour.