Dubious French Host of Donald Trump Junior

Donald Trump Junior is facing music and paving the way for another storm in the nascent Trump Government. The French group, Centre for Political and Foreign Affairs (CPFA), has allegedly paid him $50,000 at the end of last year. The same group did recommend Russian President, Vladimir Putin, for the Nobel Peace Prize in December.

The team lead by one Fabien Baussart paid him for a speaking assignment. Baussart’s Syrian-born wife, Randa Kassis, is a regular visitor to Moscow to meet Russian Diplomats. She is running another group called ‘Movement for a Pluralistic Society’.

‘Movement for a Pluralistic Society’ is pro Russia’s position on Syrian civil war. Baussart hope to end the crisis if America could take a friendlier stand in tune with that of Russia. Baussart told Russian media that Vladimir Putin is the only person fighting terrorism truly.

Trump junior was noticed when he made a sensible speech during his father’s aggressive presidential election campaign. At least many wished that he was the president than the senior. The speech by Trump Junior was at a dinner meet of CPFA on Oct 11, 2017.

The CPFA has helped to add Trump junior to the coterie of POTUS (President of the United States) including Michael Flynn (Ex. National Security Adviser), Paul Manafort (Ex. Campaign Manager) and Jeff Sessions (Present Attorney General) in getting favors from Russia. The voice for Sessions to quit is on the rise.

In fact Trump Junior left the presidential election campaign, rather unnoticed just three weeks before Election Day, to attend the obscure pro-Russia group hosted dinner in France. After the dinner, Randa Kassis flew to Moscow and had a discussion with Mikhail Bogdanov, the deputy head of Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

Trump Junior’s absence was during a crucial phase of the election. As per the website, his rate per speaking session was “$50,001 and above”. Fabien Baussart heads the wealthy fringe group which is having significant investments in Russia.
Trump Junior’s visit to France underlines the suspicion that there were interactions between the Trump team and the Russian government.

CPFA looks like shady with no permanent address. None of its founders, Fabien Baussart and Kassis, are interested in interviews. A political analyst claimed in her email that Fabien Baussart has strong Russian business connections. France has no strict norms for disclosing the financial sources of organisations.

A considerable amount of money has been spent by the Russian Government to garner support for Trump as President. The French news media even went on to describe Baussart as a former lobbyist for Russian oligarchs in France, specifically, the French intelligence services.

Kassis is a Syria born activist who solicited Russian support for her standpoint on Syria. CPFA even got indulged into peace talks between the warring Armenia and Azerbaijan. They invited former U.S. diplomat James Rubin, a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, for a talk which was called off at the last moment. Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan was in guests’ list of CPFA once. But apparently, CPFA pays well for the speakers.