8 Reasons To Oppose Rick Perry’s Nomination For Secretary Of Energy

Key Points: The Rick Perry, Bloomberg Energy, scientific, nuclear, and problem

But Perry has also demonstrated a dangerous lack of scientific knowledge, including rigid climate skepticism, as well as eyebrow-raising ties to the fossil fuel industry and a reputation for cronyism and “pay-for-play.”

“One need look back only to the complex negotiations surrounding the Iran nuclear deal, and remember Secretary Moniz huddling with Secretary of State John Kerry, and engaged in long meetings with his Iranian counterpart, another nuclear physicist, to appreciate how important it was to have someone there who actually knew what was required to produce viable nuclear weapons from nuclear reactor products, and what was required to ensure that treaty violations could be detected,”

Krauss wrote in his piece last month. His supporters  argue that Perry , who governed Texas for 14 years, is a solid  pick because of his experience managing a massive annual budget and heading up a sizable bureaucracy with thousands of employees.